Leonides Arpon

Leonides Arpon



Hollins University, 芸術修士号取得。

イスラエルに生まれ、Bat-Dor Dance Schoolにてダンスを学ぶ。後にカンパニーメンバーとなる。ニューヨーク・ペリダンス・カペチオ・センターのIgal Perry氏のカンパニーに所属する。NYのAiley School, プリンストン大学、Peridance Capezio Centerなどで講師を務める。

1999年にニューヨークに移り、2003年から2011年の間、様々なカンパニーのプリンシパル・ダンサーを務め、世界中のダンスフェスティバル(イタリアのVenice Biennale米国のJacobs Pillowなど)でパフォーマンスを披露。マドンナと共演、コカコーラやノキアのCMに出演。


Leonides D. Arpon received his Master of Fine Arts Degree at Hollins University in the U.S. He was born in Israel where he studied at the Bat-Dor Dance School under the direction of Rose Kassel. He later joined the Bat-Dor Dance Company and worked with renowned choreographers such as Luciano Cannitto, Igal Perry (director of Peridance Capezio Center NYC) and Randy Duncan (choreographer for “Save the Last Dance” Movie)

Since moving to New York in 1999 Mr. Arpon has worked as a principal dancer with Karole Armitage, Earl Mosley, Kevin Wynn, Sean Curran, Nathan Trice and Johannes Wieland. Mr. Arpon was also a principal dancer with the Armitage Gone! Dance company from 2003-2011, where he has performed in major dance festivals around the world such as the Venice Biennale in Italy and Jacobs Pillow in the U.S. His commercial work includes performing for Madonna, Coca Cola and Nokia TV ads.

Mr. Arpon has performed, choreographed and taught workshops throughout the U.S. in institutions such as the Ailey School, Princeton University and Peridance Capezio Center, in Israel at Bat-Dor and the Thelma Yelin Performing Arts Schools. In Japan at the Tokyo School of Music, Osaka School of Music as well as the Jikei schools in Sapporo, Nagoya and Fukuoka. In the Philippines he as taught at Ballet Philippines, Philippine High School for the Arts and the University of the Philippines. He is also a recipient of the Princess Grace Award and the America Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarships.


木曜日 12:00-13:45 @ Studio 1
Modern 初中級* Taught in English.

木曜日 18:20-20:05 @ Studio 4
Contemporary 初中級* Taught in English.

土曜日 16:00-17:45 @ Studio 4
Contemporary 初中級* Taught in English.


The class warm up will focus on technique as well as the correct alignment of the body. As we progress exercises that develop balance, body isolations and coordination will be introduced.
Combinations going across the floor and the center will be infused with movement inspired by various Modern, Ballet, Jazz, African Dance and Martial Arts techniques. Emphasis on musicality, performance expression and presence will be incorporated in class.

木曜日18:20-20:05 Studio4

土曜日 20:30-22:00 Studio1


The class will focus on both rotations of the body in opposing directions and linear positions, which sequences will reflect on a range of modern and contemporary dance techniques used by professionals today.

The warm up will start on the floor with simple spinal movements that will engage our core muscles, release extra tension and prepare us to maximize our dancing with minimal effort when standing.

We will strengthen our technique and alignment using plies, tendus and degages coordinated with clear positions of the head, arms and torso. These will later translate into contemporary movement going across the floor and in the combination.

Emphasis on musicality, performance expression as well as some creative movement and group work will be incorporated in class.